The Bolero is a smooth, sophisticated, sentimental love dance. The slower music to which it is performed enchances a feeling of romance. It is the slowest of the Latin dances. It combines controlled movement with dramatic expression of the music.

Originally a Spanish dance in ¾ time, it was changed in Cuba into 2/4 time and then eventually into 4/4 time. It is now present as a very slow type of Rumba rhythm. This dance is often said to have the rise and fall of Waltz, the contra-body motion of Tango, and the rhythm of Rumba. It is a favorite of dancers, as it incorporates many techniques similar to other dances to create a slow, sensual, romantic dance.

Bolero Songs And Artists Include:

  • Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan – Gloria Estefan
  • Perfidia – Nat King Cole
  • Sin Excusas Ni Rodeos – Julio Iglesias
  • From Here to Eternity – Frank Sinatra