This fun, fast-paced Latin dance has been sweeping the nation for several years now! Travel to any city, in almost any country and you’ll see that a good Salsa club is never hard to find, and a good Salsa dancer is always in demand. Composed of quick foot switches and multiple spins and turns, this dance is a must have in your repertoire.

There are indications the term “Salsa” (the Spanish word for “sauce” denoting a “spicy” and “hot” flavor) was coined by radio disc jockeys in Puerto Rico as early as the 1960′s. Later it became associated with a New York sound developed by Puerto Rican musicians. Many of it’s patterns are closely related to Mambo and Cha-Cha. Salsa is considered the national music and dance of Puerto Rico. The fusion of an Afro-Cuban beat with enhanced jazz textures results in an aggressive high energy pulse which has become popular everywhere.

Learning to dance the Salsa is fun. Our dance professionals can have you spinning across the floor in no time at all!

Salsa Artists Include:

  • Albita
  • Marc Anthony
  • West End Mambo
  • Tito Puente
  • The Latin Explosion
  • Celia Cruz