What is this Festival Thing?

Group of Arthur Murray Students Dressed Up

If you are new to your Arthur Murray Studio, you might be asking yourself “What is this Festival thing anyway”?

Well here is a little information to make sure you take full advantage of all the fun things your studio has in store.

Twice a year every Arthur Murray Studio participates in a 6 week competition that is designed to promote involvement and activity by its students. In the spring/summer months (May/June) it is called the International Dance Festival and in the fall/winter months (November/December) it is called the Tournament of Champions. Each studio compares the participation of its students to other studios to compete for top awards at our semi-annual training weekends.

What does this mean for you? If you’ve met any dance instructor, you know we like to compete and we like to win! So we unashamedly bribe you to help us. We give you points for your activity in the studio during these 6 weeks. Lessons, groups, coming in costume, bringing in a guest; the points add up and you can win big if you show your school spirit.

This year we are adding another twist to the competition. All Arthur Murray Studios are teaming up to use our 6 week festival to create a buzz on social media. When you write a post on Facebook, add a picture of dancing on Instagram, send out a tweet on Twitter we are asking everyone to use the specific hashtags (#) for the week. If every student in every Arthur Murray all around the world does this, imagine the buzz we can create for ballroom dancing and for the Arthur Murray Studios.

What if you aren’t on Facebook or don’t have an Instagram account? Here is your chance to get connected! Ask your instructor, studio manager or studio administrative assistant to help you set up your account. This will ensure you are connected to the studio and get all the news of the fun things the studio is planning as it happens. You will also connect to your fellow students in your studio as well as the ones you meet from around the world when you go to Arthur Murray Events.

So if you want more friends and dance partners in your studio, or you just want your studio to win big; get busy and start putting together your costumes for your club dance, attend the exciting group classes your studio has planned and get on your favorite social media site and start hash tagging!