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Tournament Of Champions!

Welcome to the Tournament of Champions! 
Arthur Murray Princeton has discovered a PORTAL to OTHER WORLDS! Join us as we seek out great dance parties in these alternate realities when we pass through the PORTAL every week.  We have done a little research in preparation of our travels so we blend in as we explore; so check out the next page to see what to wear/ what to bring/ or simply what to expect every week!!!

Week 1
Superhero Universe 
5th – 10th

Take Flight and dawn your tights! Our first journey through the portal will bring us to a universe focused on all of our favorite super heroes and super villains. Dive into the pages of your favorite comic books and find the best fit for you  to dress up for our Friday Night Party and see if you can solve the puzzle to escape through the portal to the next world!


Week 2
Mythology Universe 
12th – 17th

Ready yourself for a land of Gods and Goddesses as we visit the pantheon of all manner of Mythology! The portal takes us to a Universe where Roman and Greek mythos comes to life, join us on Friday night for a party worthy of the gods themselves! Come dressed as your favorite mythological person or beast and work together to solve this week’s puzzle to open up the portal once again.

Week 3
Wizarding World 
19th – 24th

“You’re a wizard Arthur  Murray!” In this world, magic and wizards come to life! Try your hand at wizardry  and dress as a wizard, witch, or warlock to channel your power! Come to our Friday Night Party and use your mastery of the wizarding arts to conjure the portal yet again and escape this fantastical world!

Week 4
The Digital Realm 
26th – 30th

Its time to plug into the digital world! The possibilities are endless with the reach of the internet! Join us as an emoji, video game character, internet personality and more! This world is expansive and really puts your creativity to the test there is always something for every one in the Digital world! This Friday night  will put your skills to the test, can you hack open the portal to escape this world?
Week 5
Land of Misfit Toys: Donate to Toys for Tots
3rd – 7th
Arthur Murray is jumping right into the holidays and giving back to the community with our Toys for tots effort. Come into Friday night with toys to donate! As always we thank you all so much for your participation

Week 6
Post Apocalypse
10th – 15th

The portal has brought us to the end of the world! The apocalypse is all about survival, throw together a mishmash of survival material at your disposal and create ypu best end of the world look! Think of the movie Mad Max or the walking dead for some inspiration.

Upcoming Coaching



Bob Long December, 3rd 2018

Bronze 2 and above Tango Master Class 7:00 pm


Bob Long is the franchisee of the Arthur Murray Dance Center in Albuquerque which has been in business since 1952 and has recently opened a second location. He and his wife Cindy are also responsible for the curriculum that is taught in every Arthur Murray Center worldwide. Among his many accomplishments, Bob is Chairman of the Arthur Murray National Dance Board, Three-time United States Professional American Ballroom finalist, Championship adjudicator in all styles, and has even received the Feather Award for the Most Outstanding Male Teacher in the United States!


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