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    International Dance Festival 2016 May 2nd to June 10th Bucket List

    Join us at Arthur Murray Princeton for our annual International Dance Festival! This worldwide Arthur Murray competition challenges every Arthur Murray Studio to see who can have the most active students!

    To make it interesting, we also make it a competition for you! You will get points for your participation. (Check out all the ways you can earn points on the last page.) At the end of the IDF, the student with the most points will win an Individual Summer Showcase Package (includes 1 routine)!

    You will also get tickets for the points you earn. Additionally, there will be one Grand Prize Drawing which will take place at the final IDF Friday night party on June 12th. The winner of the Grand Prize Drawing will receive a free coaching lesson! Must be present the evening of the drawing to win!

    What are the items on your bucket list? Whether you dream of a tropical getaway, an African safari or the biggest Red Carpet event of the year; the Arthur Murray Princeton International Dance Festival is celebrate the adventures you have had and the ones that are still yet to come!


    Week 1: April 30th – May 6th

    To ensure you are in the TOP form before you conquer your bucket list: “getting fit” through dancing is the name of the game this week.

    Group classes will focus on cardio, body sculpting and core strength so you can dance your way to getting into the best shape of your life.

    Join us at the Friday Night Club Dance in exercise wear so you will be able to “Pump It” with the Black Eyed Peas, “Push It” with Salt n’ Peppa or just get “Physical” with Olivia Newton John!

    Earn extra points by sharing your exercise accomplishments through dance with #Fitness #Health #DanceFitness #FitnessPrinceton

    ***Don’t forget to wear your Fitbit or step tracker so you can brag about how much of a workout you get while dancing***

    Arthur Murray Dance Studio

    Week 2: May 7th – May 13th

    A luxury cruise, lazing on a white-sand beach or celebrating Carnival in Rio; whatever your dream of a tropical paradise includes, it wouldn’t be complete without dancing!

    Classes this week are dedicated to spicing up your Bachata, heating up you Cha cha and setting your Salsa on fire!

    Come to our Friday Night Dance, dressed to FIESTA and be ready for a ‘Merengue-off’ where you could earn the right to call yourself the “Mambo King” (and Queen) of the studio!

    Earn points this week by sharing photos and stories of your dance-filled vacations. #Travel #TopicalGetaway #DanceVacation #TravelPrinceton


    Arthur Murray Dance Studio


    Week 3: May 14th – May 20th

    Sometimes a bucket list item can be as simple as adding a night out On the Town. Whether it is the perfect date night or a fabulous group outing, a night of dancing is a bucket list item we can experience again and again!

    Just like the sailors from “On the Town” we are going to explore the greatest things New York City has to offer. Group classes this week will honor NYC’s contributions to dancing. From Studio 54 and the Hustle, to Harlem and the Lindy/Swing, and of course to Broadway where Harry Fox invented the Fox Trot.

    On Friday night, the Dance Club will become NYC’s most iconic nightclubs. You can dress for a night at Studio 54, the Copacabana, the Cotton Club or the Roseland Ballroom. But remember it is NYC, so dress to impress and ensure you get in the door!

    Earn points this week by sharing your ideal night out on the town. Would it be during the 1920s, the 1950s or the 1970s? #DateNight #DanceNight #DancePrinceton

    Arthur Murray Dance Studio


    Week 4: May 21st – May 27th

    Is your idea of adventure exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu? Going on safari in Kenya? Climbing to the top of Mount Everest? Don’t forget the adventures you now have every time you walk onto a dance floor!

    This week the adventure continues when you have the chance to explore some dances you may have never done or even heard of! Get ready to Quickstep, Zouk, Balboa and Paso Doble.

    The adventure goes on and on… just like Running with the Bulls, our Friday Night Club Dance will be transformed into the streets of Pamplona when you come ready to run and dressed all in white with a read neckerchief.

    Extra points can be yours when you share your memory of the adventure you had on the first day you walked into Arthur Murray. #Adventure #DanceAdventure #AdventuresPrinceton #BucketList

    Arthur Murray Dance Studio



    Week 5: May 28th – June 3rd

    What could be more romantic than dancing under the stars in the Piazza San Marco?

    This week we are dedicating our classes to the art of Romance. Your can hold your partner close in the Argentine Tango, gaze into their eyes with the passion of the Rumba or float away on a cloud together as you get swept up in the Waltz.

    The Club Dance will be dedicated to the Romance of Italy, so dress in the black and white of a Gondolier, the smock of a famous Italian painter or even the romantic subject of one of the classic paintings or sculptures.

    Earn big points by posting romantic dance images or videos of your own romantic dance! #Romance #DanceAndRomance #UniqueGifts #UniqueGiftsPrinceton

    Arthur Murray Dance Studio

    Week 6: June 4th – June 10th

    We are kicking off our Hollywood Premiere Week with our own RED CARPET Medal Ball on June 5th at the Madison Hotel.

    But we are not done yet, continuing the excitement throughout the week with classes that will make you think of your favorite dance movie scene. Mambo/Salsa with the Sharks of West Side Story, Tango with Al Pacino in A Scent of a Woman and get your ‘COOL’ on as you Hustle with John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

    Friday night is the final Club Dance of the Festival and we are wrapping ourselves in the Red Carpet (wear red) for the evening. Remember, you must be present if you are going to be our big winner of the festival.

    Make sure you get all the points possible this week by sharing your favorite dance scene in a movie or Musical. #Entertainment #ThingsToDo #DanceNight #ThingsToDoPrinceton


    Arthur Murray Dance Studio