Dance Your Way to a Healthier You

Happy Girl Dancing

There are many great health benefits of dancing — some of which may even surprise you. In fact, many people actually start dancing because they’re looking for a fun, easy way to stay active and get fit. For other people who love to dance, the health benefits may just be a nice perk. When you sign up to take waltz, tango or salsa dance lessons near Princeton or Montclair, NJ, you can look forward to these health benefits.

Burn Calories

You can burn just as many calories on the dance floor as you can on the treadmill, making it very effective for weight loss or weight maintenance. And no matter what your skill level is or what style of dance you’re doing, anytime you get your heart pumping and your body moving is a plus. Cardio exercises, like dance, also help lower blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health. So while you’re shredding calories, you can feel good knowing you’re taking care of your body both inside and out.

Stronger Muscles

Many dancers also see noticeably improved muscle tone. That’s because dancing sometimes requires you to use muscles you never even knew you had. Through taking lessons regularly, the muscles become stronger overtime. This also helps your body become more flexible and have a greater range of motion, which can lead to improved posture and better balance, too. As a result, you can even feel stronger and more confident, even when you’re not on the dance floor.

Less Stress

Most forms of exercise can help reduce stress and relieve feelings of depression, and dance is no exception. That’s because exercise produces endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers, and can help inhibit stress-causing hormones. In addition, the energetic, social atmosphere of the ballroom and the feeling of satisfaction you get every time you nail a new dance step or routine can help you start feeling better mentally and emotionally.

Start Dancing

If you’re looking for a fun way to get healthy, turn up the music and start dancing, be sure to explore all the benefits of dance and sign up at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio today. Our instructors offer all types of ballroom dance lessons, including salsa dance lessons, in Lawrenceville and Montclair, NJ.