Learn To Dance The Tango At Arthur Murray In Montclair

Dance lessonsHave you ever watched a movie where two lovers lock eyes across the room and then connect in a passionate and almost gymnastic tango, and thought, I want to do that? The tango is a dance filled with history and fancy footwork. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Montclair and Princeton, we believe that anyone can walk in and dance out.

The Benefits Of Dance Lessons

Taking dance lessons is your time to disconnect from social media and learn a new way to socialize. Leave your stresses at the door and get ready to burn calories, challenge your brain, and gain confidence as you learn something new while having a great time with friends.

The History Of The Tango

The tango dates back to the 1800s, originating in Argentina and Uruguay. A dance once only danced by those in secret circles to European fusion music, this popular dance quickly spread through the theaters and streets to the masses. By the Roaring 20s in America, the tango was danced in clubs all over the country.

Getting Ready For Your First Dance Lessons

When getting ready for your first dance class, do not be intimidated. Our professional instructors will be dressed up, but you do not have to be. Arthur Murray created his studio so that anyone could learn to dance. Come to your dance lessons in something that is comfortable that you can move in. You may choose to wear flat or comfortable shoes to your first class and then upgrade to skirts with a great twirl as you progress with confidence. Be sure to bring water with you as dance is exercise.

Dance lessons are a great way to spend a Friday night with friends. Learn the tango in order to build confidence, gain skill and get closer to someone you love. Contact our team at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Montclair to schedule your first dance class today!