Master Smooth/Standard Dances With Classes From Arthur Murray

Taking dance lessonsDance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio welcome dancers of all age ranges and skill levels. Arthur Murray himself came up with the idea to teach dance so that anyone could master the moves and have a great time. Walk in and dance out!

The Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is a great way to burn calories and stress. Leave your phone at the door, forget about social media and let our talented instructors take care of everything. Dancing is sort of like meditation set in 3/4 time. As you become more familiar with the steps you will build muscle as well as confidence.

Smooth/Standard Dances

Smooth/standard dances are the tango, waltz, Viennese waltz, foxtrot, and quickstep. These dances have been around for centuries, but are far from boring. The tango is a dance of passion and romance, letting your eyes capture each other as your hips and feet perform complex moves. The waltz is a dance of love, that was once categorized as bawdy as the partners never lose their tight embrace as they make their way across the dance floor. The quickstep originated in the roaring 20’s and is light, energetic and lots of fun.

The benefit to learning smooth and standard dances is that you will be ready for any wedding. You will have mastered moves that will make you elegant on the dance floor. If no one you know is getting married anytime soon, you can still come and dance the night away with us when we host the Arthur Murray Dance Studio Friday night club dance.

Getting Ready For Your First Dance Lesson

For lessons at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Princeton or Montclair dress comfortably in clothing that lets you move. For your first class you may want to wear flats. As you get better with the combinations you may want to upgrade to professional dance shoes. Be sure to bring water with you as dance is exercise and you will break a sweat.

For weddings, special occasions or the weekly Friday night club dance you should to be familiar with smooth/standard dances. Sign up for classes at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Montclair & Princeton, NJ and you can walk in and dance out. Contact our team to register for your introductory dance lesson today!