Learn Dance with Teen Classes in Lawrenceville and Montclair, NJ

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we provide a variety of popular dance lessons for teens from grades six through twelve. For your convenience, there are two locations: one in Lawrenceville, NJ and another in Montclair, NJ.

Dance With Stars

Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Fans of Dancing with the Stars will love our variety of classes and the prestige associated with Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Arthur Murray became known for doing popular dance styles of the 1950s on CBS and ABC. Before long, the studio became one of the most in demand dance studios due to its high ranked “Arthur Murray Dance Party” that aired nationally for twelve years. Arthur Murray Studios were featured in magazines such as Vogue and Sports Illustrated as well as contributing to dance sequences in hit films such as Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever. Arthur Murray Dance Studio became a

well-known trailblazer on the dance sensation forefront.

Dances We Teach

Arthur Murray Dance Studio specializes in several different kinds of dances suited for all tastes. From Latin dances to swing dances to country-western dances, we have something for everyone. We even cater to speciality dances such as the Argentine tango and Samba de Gafieira. For the more traditional, we offer standard, smooth ballroom dance courses including the Foxtrot and the Waltz. Regardless of your age, level, or taste, we have the right class for you.

Did You Know?

The dance instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studios undergo vigorous, certified training and are qualified to prepare you for any dance, from a beginner teen course to a wedding day dance. Dancing can also be a great way to incorporate health benefits into your life. If it’s something you enjoy, it’s definitely a way to get extra cardio and muscle training. There are also several social benefits to dancing. It’s a great way to meet other people who enjoy similar interests, and one can overcome shyness this way. Emotional benefits also go hand in hand with dancing. Not only is it just plain fun, but you also get to incorporate your creative side. Decreased stress and a boost in self-confidence can improve your life in a variety of ways. These classes will lend to character building skills which will infinitely improve anyone from teens to adults.

Class Schedules

Depending on the location, the class schedules vary. Please check out our dance schedule for the Princeton location as well as the Montclair location.