Sign Up For Dance Lessons In Princeton, NJ

dance classAt Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ, we invite everyone to walk in and dance out. It is our goal to show you how enjoyable dance can be as exercise, stress relief and a great pastime with new friends.

The Benefits Of Dance

Dance class is the perfect time to turn off social media and put aside all the stress of work and just have fun. Our talented instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Princeton, NJ, will take you through all the right steps. You can take a little time just for yourself, burning stress and calories while increasing confidence as you learn to move in a whole new way.

The Types Of Classes We Offer

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, we teach a variety of dances so you can find the one that is perfect for you. For those looking to brush up their skills before a wedding, the waltz, slow dance or foxtrot are perfect. For those looking to spice things up on a Saturday night, the mambo, salsa, and cha-cha are sure to get your feet moving. If you want to get back to the old-school style of larger-than-life dance moves, swing may be your thing.

Finding The Right Class For You

If you are new to dance, it can be hard to decide which class to take. Schedule an introductory lesson with one of our instructors. You will get a tour of the facility, learn some basic moves and discover which form of dance is right for you.

Getting Ready For Your First Dance Classes

At Arthur Murray, we want to make dance accessible for the everyday person. Do not feel as if you have to show up for dance class in a leotard with a particular pair of shoes. Simply show up for class in comfortable clothing that you can move in. As you get better in class, then you may want to upgrade to ballroom shoes or fancier clothes. Be sure to bring water with you, because dance is exercise.

Dance is a great way to exercise, reduce stress and build confidence. Register for dance classes in Princeton, NJ, at Arthur Murray Dance Studio today!