Wedding Dance Lessons in Lawrenceville and Montclair, NJ

Wedding Dance Lessons in Montclair and Princeton, New Jersey

First Wedding Dance - Montclair, NJ - Arthur Murray Dance StudioWedding dances are like personal tastes. It varies extensively, but everyone has a favorite. Your first dance as spouses is not only a long-standing tradition, but an intimate expression of your unique taste. It’s truly special and memorable, and in this digital age, you want it to go viral for the right reasons. Nothing quite beats feeling confident when you first step onto that dance floor, knowing that you are about to wow your guests, and create a wonderful memory. And if all of this feels a bit daunting, don’t fret. We will help transform you into a dancing sensation, with tailored lessons guaranteed to impress. Here’s how to get started.

Planning is Key

The key to a great wedding is planning, and doing so way ahead of time. From the catering, to the flowers, to the wedding party, and ceremony, wedding preparations could leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

We understand this, and suggest commencing your wedding dance lessons with us four to six months in advance. This should enable best results, as you will allow yourself ample time to derive a unique dance style that encapsulates the essence of your wedding. Dancing may also alleviate any wedding-related stress.

Types of Wedding Dance Styles

Our dancing instructors are trained to teach you traditional, and other popular dance moves with their exclusive Arthur Murray technique.

We provide various wedding dance schedules to cater for everyone. There are also private Dance lessons and an introductory special. This includes booking an introductory lesson, which will help you familiarize yourself with our studio and instructors.

After the class, your instructor will consider your dance style interests, and recommend the ideal dance class for you. Contact us and get started with your wedding dance lessons today.