Latin Dance Lessons

Aerial View of Couple DancingAt Arthur Murray Dance Studio, dancers have access to a full complement of rhythm and Latin dance instruction. From Brazil to Argentina to Cuba and everywhere in between, Latin American styles bring plenty of heat to the dance floor. Whether you’re dancing at a club, wedding or even at home, it’s hard to resist their rhythmical pull. No matter what specific style you have in mind, sign up for Latin dance lessons now to immerse yourself in the fun, fast-paced world of dance.

Variety of Latin Styles

Full of energy and personality, Latin dances are a great way to bring people together on the dance floor. They can be slow, fast, aggressive, sensual, lighthearted and so much more. At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, our instructors have extensive backgrounds and experience in Latin dancing and can help you master the basics, so that you can dance with ease and confidence. The styles we offer include:

  • Rumba—Slow and sensual, the rumba is perfect for couples who want to ignite the dance floor with flowing spins and turns.
  • Samba – To dance the samba, partners move in a smooth counter-clockwise motion with lots of rolling hips and torso movement.
  • Bolero – One of the slower Latin dances, bolero has influences of both the rumba and waltz.
  • Mambo – A popular choice for nightclub dancers, mambo is very expressive and consists of spicy spins and swivels.
  • Merengue – Perfect for beginners, merengue is a slower Caribbean dance with lots of partner work and is relatively easy to learn.
  • Cha-cha – Made up of quick shuffling movements and hip action, the cha-cha has an energetic, pulsating rhythm that’s great for pop songs.
  • Bachata – Originating in the Dominican Republic, the bachata is a style of dance that incorporates a lot of hip movement.
  • Salsa—Another popular choice for nightclubs, salsa is a faster style filled with spins, turns and quick foot switches.

Learn Latin Dances

When Latin songs come on, it’s almost impossible not to start moving to the beat. Why not learn some new moves and tricks to bring to the dance floor and impress your partner? From couples looking to reconnect, to young dancers and singles looking to have fun, the Latin dance classes at Arthur Murray Dance Studio offer something for everyone. New students can sign up today to get the party started.