Swing Dance Lessons

Couples Practicing Swing Dance in StudioWhile many popular dance styles have European or Latin origins, swing dance is all American. What began in the 1920s has gradually evolved over time, spreading across the country and even around the world. The excitement generated by the bright and breezy dance moves and the upbeat songs is contagious, drawing everyone in to watch and move along to the rhythm. Now you can practice this beloved American dance with lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Princeton and Montclair, NJ.

Variety of Swing Dance Styles

There are hundreds of swing dance variations today, and you can practice many of the most common ones here at Arthur Murray. From the Lindy Hop, which began in Harlem, to the Hustle, which is a combination of swing and disco, there’s a dance you’re sure to love. We also offer the jitterbug, West Coast Swing and more.

Each variation puts a unique spin on the swing with different elements and tempos, but the heart of the dance remains the same. Most types of swing dancing involve a series of spins, kicks, jumps and hand positions. Unlike ballroom, couples do not dance in hold, but rather they might hold hands, spin each other around and perform dips and tricks.

No matter which style you learn, you can trust that you’re in good hands with the instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. In fact, Arthur Murray instructors played an integral role in the evolution of East Coast Swing back in the ‘40s. Whether you’re preparing for a wedding, cruise or party or just want to explore something new, sign up for dance lessons today.

Jump, Jive and Swing

Ready to have fun swing dancing? Thanks to the unique teaching style at Arthur Murray and the relaxed atmosphere, you can learn the basics, meet new people and become a practiced swing dancer before you know it. The high-energy dance moves are also a great way to express yourself, relieve tension after a long day at work and even help you stay in shape.

To sign up for swing dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, contact either the Princeton, NJ location or the Montclair, NJ location. And don’t forget to take advantage of our new student offer.