Why Take Wedding Dance Lessons

Bride and Groom Dancing at WeddingThe dress is purchased, the cake is ordered and the venue is set. But what about the first dance? Most couples don’t spend too much time thinking about the first dance. It’s normal for one or both partners to feel nervous about dancing, especially in front of a large audience. That’s precisely why many couples choose to add wedding dance lessons to do their to-do list. If you’re in the Princeton area you can schedule your first class together at Arthur Murray Dance Studio just in time for the wedding.

The Value of Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance lessons have a surprising amount of benefits. Here’s what you can expect when you sign up at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

  • New friends – While taking lessons, you can mingle with other students and even make life-long friends with couples like you.
  • Fun date night – After a long day of work or wedding planning, you can come together and enjoy a sweet, romantic evening in the ballroom.
  • Stress relief – Planning a wedding is stressful, but this is one detail that won’t be. Our instructors use special Arthur Murray teaching techniques that make dancing fun and easy to learn.
  • Confidence – Preparation is key for getting over your nerves. After taking lessons, you’ll be able to walk out onto that dance floor feeling nothing but excitement.
  • Comfort – During the lessons, you can practice in the same shoes you’re going to wear during the dance. This gives you a chance to break them in and get comfortable moving.
  • Song – Have a song already picked out? Bring it in and start practicing to it from day one.
  • Fitness – Dancing is a great form of exercise. While most wedding songs are slower, taking lessons from a professional instructor will still help you stay in shape before the big day.
  • Lasting Skills – The dance skills you pick up will stay with you beyond the wedding. Anytime you’re at a club, festival, party or another friend’s wedding, you won’t be afraid to let loose and have fun.

Ready to dance? Schedule your first wedding dance lesson at Arthur Murray now, so you can be prepared just in time for the special day. Take advantage of our new student offer, and sign up online today.