Sometimes called the South American Waltz, the Samba dance pulsates to a unique Latin rhythm.

The Samba is the national dance of Brazil.

Samba improves the flexibility of the body and helps achieve easy movement and lightness. The Samba rolling action teaches the body to be supple. To move lightly, quickly, and smoothly without effort takes study but only at the start. Although considered a good exercise, Samba should be danced smoothly and in a relaxed manner giving the appearance of effortless movement. Today’s Samba music is influenced by Jazz and Latin rhythms.

Samba Songs And Artists Include:

  • One Note Samba – Antonio Carlos Jobim
  • Macarena – Los Del Rio
  • Copacabana – Barry Manilow
  • Quando, Quando, Quando – Engelbert Humperdink