Choosing a Dance Style to Learn

Choosing the Ideal Dance Lessons in New Jersey

Have you been contemplating taking dance lessons, but keep stalling because you simply don’t know which dance style to learn? If so, your decision could be simplified by looking at a few key things. Here’s what you could ask yourself before choosing from our extensive range of dance classes.

Benefits of Dancing

There are many reasons to dance including mental and physical health and fitness. Remembering all the motions for the dance helps improve memory. Dancing helps increase flexibility and balance and gives you a great cardio workout. Having a regular workout schedule increases your energy level and can help keep you going all day.  Practicing dance not only helps you physically but also mentally. Dancing helps you make friends, reduces stress and can help put you in a happier mood.


Choose from our wide range of fun dance classes according to your personal tastes and character. If you’re shy and retiring, ballroom may be more suitable than zesty Latin dance classes. If you’re a disciplined technical type, try taking our slow waltz or quickstep classes. Looking for freedom and self-expression? Try the Peabody. Whatever your inclination, Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers instruction to suit your unique personality.

We specialize in wedding dance classes, introductory specials for beginners, or more advanced classes for both the young and old. Book an appointment with one of our professional instructors today, and experience the best dance lessons in New Jersey.